Rhinoterrain SAS

Created in 2008 by Experts in geomatics and computer graphics, the RhinoTerrain company won iLAB 2008, a french national competition wich rewards innovative technology companies.

For more than 10 years, we have been developing 3D GeoModeling solutions, and collaborating on different projects with acdemic players from the Grand Est region specialized in Science, Mathematics and Computer Sciences (University, Research laboratories).
Our team of highly skilled experts provides services in different disciplines (architecture, urban planning, industry and academic research) wich allows RhinoTerrain to capitalize on multiple sectoral experiences.

All these skills are put at the service of a new generation of 3D GeoModeling tools dedicated to the structured production of geo-referenced and standardized data.

All of our software are plugins of the Rhinoceros® 3D engine developed by McNeel
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grenoble,texturED 3d model
Courtesy of : Ville de Grenoble

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